CCNA Security v2.0 Chapter 6 Exam Answers 2017 (100%)

CCNA Security Chapter 6 Exam Answers

  1. Two devices that are connected to the same switch need to be totally isolated from one another. Which Cisco switch security feature will provide this isolation?

    • PVLAN Edge*
    • DTP
    • SPAN
    • BPDU guard
  2. What component of Cisco NAC is responsible for performing deep inspection of device security profiles?

    • Cisco NAC Profiler
    • Cisco NAC Agent*
    • Cisco NAC Manager
    • Cisco NAC Server
  3. Which three functions are provided under Cisco NAC framework solution? (Choose three.)

    • VPN connection
    • AAA services*
    • intrusion prevention
    • scanning for policy compliance*
    • secure connection to servers
    • remediation for noncompliant devices*
  4. Which feature is part of the Antimalware Protection security solution?

    • file retrospection*
    • user authentication and authorization*
    • data loss prevention*
    • spam blocking*
  5. What is the role of the Cisco NAC Guest Server within the Cisco Borderless Network architecture?

    • It defines role-based user access and endpoint security policies.
    • It provides the ability for creation and reporting of guest accounts.*
    • It provides post-connection monitoring of all endpoint devices.
    • It performs deep inspection of device security profiles.
  6. Which security feature should be enabled in order to prevent an attacker from overflowing the MAC address table of a switch?

    • root guard
    • port security*
    • storm control
    • BPDU filter
  7. Which two functions are provided by Network Admission Control? (Choose two.)

    • protecting a switch from MAC address table overflow attacks
    • enforcing network security policy for hosts that connect to the network*
    • ensuring that only authenticated hosts can access the network*
    • stopping excessive broadcasts from disrupting network traffic
    • limiting the number of MAC addresses that can be learned on a single switch port
  8. Which spanning-tree enhancement prevents the spanning-tree topology from changing by blocking a port that receives a superior BPDU?

    • BDPU filter
    • PortFast
    • BPDU guard
    • root guard*
  9. What is the role of the Cisco NAC Manager in implementing a secure networking infrastructure?

    • to define role-based user access and endpoint security policies*
    • to assess and enforce security policy compliance in the NAC environment
    • to perform deep inspection of device security profiles
    • to provide post-connection monitoring of all endpoint devices
  10. What is the role of the Cisco NAC Server within the Cisco Secure Borderless Network Architecture?

    • providing the ability for company employees to create guest accounts
    • providing post-connection monitoring of all endpoint devices
    • defining role-based user access and endpoint security policies
    • assessing and enforcing security policy compliance in the NAC environment*
  11. In what situation would a network administrator most likely implement root guard?

    • on all switch ports (used or unused)
    • on all switch ports that connect to a Layer 3 device
    • on all switch ports that connect to host devices
    • on all switch ports that connect to another switch
    • on all switch ports that connect to another switch that is not the root bridge*
  12. Refer to the exhibit. The Fa0/2 interface on switch S1 has been configured with the switchport port-security mac-address 0023.189d.6456 command and a workstation has been connected. What could be the reason that the Fa0/2 interface is shutdown?

    CCNA Security Chapter 6 Exam Answer v2 001

    CCNA Security Chapter 6 Exam Answer v2 001

    • The connection between S1 and PC1 is via a crossover cable.
    • The Fa0/24 interface of S1 is configured with the same MAC address as the Fa0/2 interface.
    • S1 has been configured with a switchport port-security aging command.
    • The MAC address of PC1 that connects to the Fa0/2 interface is not the configured MAC address.*
  13. What security countermeasure is effective for preventing CAM table overflow attacks?

    • DHCP snooping
    • Dynamic ARP Inspection
    • IP source guard
    • port security*
  14. What is the behavior of a switch as a result of a successful CAM table attack?

    • The switch will forward all received frames to all other ports.*
    • The switch will drop all received frames.
    • The switch interfaces will transition to the error-disabled state.
    • The switch will shut down.
  15. What additional security measure must be enabled along with IP Source Guard to protect against address spoofing?

    • port security
    • BPDU Guard
    • root guard
    • DHCP snooping*
  16. What are three techniques for mitigating VLAN hopping attacks? (Choose three.)

    • Set the native VLAN to an unused VLAN.*
    • Disable DTP.*
    • Enable Source Guard.
    • Enable trunking manually.*
    • Enable BPDU guard.
    • Use private VLANs.
  17. What two mechanisms are used by Dynamic ARP inspection to validate ARP packets for IP addresses that are dynamically assigned or IP addresses that are static? (Choose two.)

    • MAC-address-to-IP-address bindings*
    • RARP
    • ARP ACLs*
    • IP ACLs
    • Source Guard
  18. What protocol should be disabled to help mitigate VLAN hopping attacks?

    • STP
    • ARP
    • CDP
    • DTP*
  19. What network attack seeks to create a DoS for clients by preventing them from being able to obtain a DHCP lease?

    • DHCP spoofing
    • CAM table attack
    • IP address spoofing
    • DHCP starvation*
  20. What is the only type of port that an isolated port can forward traffic to on a private VLAN?

    • a community port
    • a promiscuous port*
    • another isolated port
    • any access port in the same PVLAN
  21. Which STP stability mechanism is used to prevent a rogue switch from becoming the root switch?

    • Source Guard
    • BPDU guard
    • root guard*
    • loop guard
  22. How can a user connect to the Cisco Cloud Web Security service directly?

    • through the connector that is integrated into any Layer 2 Cisco switch
    • by using a proxy autoconfiguration file in the end device*
    • by accessing a Cisco CWS server before visiting the destination web site
    • by establishing a VPN connection with the Cisco CWS
  23. What security benefit is gained from enabling BPDU guard on PortFast enabled interfaces?

    • enforcing the placement of root bridges
    • preventing buffer overflow attacks
    • preventing rogue switches from being added to the network*
    • protecting against Layer 2 loops
  24. Fill in the blank.

    DHCP snooping* is a mitigation technique to prevent rogue DHCP servers from providing false IP configuration parameters.

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