Chapter 10: Advanced Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance

Chapter Outline:

10.0 Introduction
10.1 ASA Security Device Manager
10.2 ASA VPN Configuration
10.3 Summary

Section 10.1: ASA Security Device Manager

Topic 10.1.1: Introduction to ASDM

Overview of ASDM

Preparing for ASDM

Preparing the ASA 5505

Verify Connectivity to the ASA

Starting ASDM

ASDM Security Certificate

ASDM Launch Window

ASDM Security Warning – 1

ASDM Security Warning – 2

Authenticate to Use ASDM

Smart Call Home Window

ASDM Home Page Dashboards

ASDM Device Dashboard Page

ASDM Firewall Dashboard Page

ASDM Page Elements

ASDM Configuration and Monitoring Views

Configuration View

Monitoring View

Configure and Access on an ASA5505

Topic 10.1.2: ASDM Wizard Menu

ASDM Wizards

The Startup Wizard

Startup Wizard Starting Point Window

Startup Wizard Basic Configuration Window

Startup Wizard Interface Selection Window

Startup Wizard Switch Port Allocation Window

Startup Wizard Interface IP Address Configuration Window

Startup Wizard DHCP Server Window

Startup Wizard Address Translation (NAT/PAT) Window

Startup Wizard Administrative Access Window

Startup Wizard Summary Window

Different Types of VPN Wizards

ASDM VPN Wizards

ASDM Remote Access VPN Assistant

Other Wizards

Topic 10.1.3: Configuring Management Settings and Services

Configuring Settings in ASDM

Configuration Device Setup Tab

Configuration Device Management Tab

Configuring Basic Settings in ASDM

Configuring Hostname, Domain Name, and Enable Password

Configuring a Master Passphrase

Configuring Legal Notification

Configuring Interfaces in ASDM

Configuring Interfaces

Adding an Outside Interface

Change Switch Port Window

Adding an Outside Interface

Advanced Outside Interface Settings

Updated Interface Page

Verifying Interfaces

Enable Switch Ports

Apply Configuration

Configuring the System Time in ASDM

Manually Change the System Time

Use NTP to Change the System Time

Add an NTP Server

Configure an NTP Server

Apply the Configuration

Configuring Routing in ASDM

Configuring Routing

Configuring a Default Static Route

Apply the Configuration

Configuring Device Management Access in ASDM

Configure ASDM/HTTPS/Telnet/SSH Access

Add Device Access Configuration Window

Configure SSH Settings

Configuring DHCP Services in ASDM

DHCP Server Page

Edit DHCP Server Window

Configuring DHCP Server Services

Verifying DHCP Server Services

Topic 10.1.4: Configuring Advanced ASDM Features

Objects in ASDM

Network Objects/Groups Page

Adding a Network Object/Group

Add Network Object Window

Add Network Object Group Window

Service Objects/Group Page

Adding a Service Object/Group

Add Service Object Window

Add Service Object Group Window

Configuring ACLs Using ASDM


Add Access Rule Window

Diagramming Access Rules

Configuring Dynamic NAT in ASDM

Add Network Object Window

Creating a Network Object for Public Addresses

Creating a Network Object for Dynamic NAT

Configuring Dynamic PAT in ASDM

Configuring Static NAT in ASDM

Static NAT in ASDM

Advanced Static NAT Settings in ASDM

Configuring AAA Authentication

User Accounts Page

Add User Account Window

AAA Server Groups Page

Add AAA Server Group Window

Add AAA Server Window

Completed AAA Server Groups Window

AAA Access Page

AAA Access > Authentication Window

Configuring a Service Policy Using ASDM

Service Policy in ASDM

Configure a Service Policy

Configure Traffic Classification Criteria

Configure Actions

Section 10.2: ASA VPN Configuration

Topic 10.2.1: Site-to-Site VPNs

ASA Support for Site-to-Site VPNs

ASA Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM

Configuring the ISR Site-to-Site VPNs Using the CLI

Basic ISR Configuration

Configure the ISAKMP Policy

Configure the IPsec and VPN ACL

Configure and Apply the Crypto Map

Configuring the ASA Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM

Basic ISR Configuration

Introduction Window

Peer Device Identification Window

Traffic to Protect Window

Security Window

NAT Exempt Window

Summary Window

Verifying Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM

Test the Site-to-Site VPNs Using ASDM

Establish the VPN Tunnel Connection to the Remote Network

Monitoring the VPN Tunnel

Verify VPN Tunnel Connectivity from the External Host

Topic 10.2.2: Remote-Access VPNs

Remote-Access VPN Options

IPsec Versus SSL

Comparing IPsec and SSL


Remote Access VPN Wizards

Cisco ASA SSL Remote Access VPN Solutions

Clientless SSL VPN Solution

Cisco ASA Clientless SSL VPN Deployment

Clientless Login Web page

Web Portal Home Page

Client-Based SSL VPN Solution

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

AnyConnect Connection Window

AnyConnect Authenticate Window

AnyConnect Authenticated Window

AnyConnect Statistics Window

AnyConnect for Mobile Devices

Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is available on the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile

Topic 10.2.3: Configuring Clientless SSL VPN

Configuring Clientless SSL VPN on an ASA

ASDM Assistant

Clientless VPN Wizard

Sample Clientless VPN Topology

Clientless SSL VPN

Clientless SSL VPN Introduction Window

SSL VPN Interface Window

User Authentication Window

Group Policy Window

Bookmark List Window

Configure GUI Customization Objects Window

Add Bookmark List Window

Select Bookmark Type Window

Add Bookmark Window

Revised Add Bookmark List Window

Revised Configure GUI Customization Objects Window

Revised Bookmark List Window

Summary Window

Verifying Clientless SSL VPN

Testing the Clientless SSL VPN Connection

Security Certificate Window

Logon Window

Web Portal Home Page

Web Portal Web Access Page

Web Portal File Access Page

Log Out of the Web Portal

Viewing the Generated CLI Config

Topic 10.2.4: Configuring AnyConnect SSL VPN

Configuring SSL VPN AnyConnect

ASDM Assistant

Client-Based VPN Wizard

Sample SSL VPN Topology

AnyConnect SSL VPN

AnyConnect VPN Wizard Introduction Window

Connection Profile Identification Window

VPN Protocols Window

Client Images Window

Add AnyConnect Client Image Window

Browse Flash Window

Add AnyConnect Client Image Window

Completed Client Images Window

Authentication Methods Window

Client Address Management Window

Add IPv4 Window

Completed Client Address Management Window

Network Name Resolution Servers Window

Completed Network Name Resolution Servers Window

NAT Exempt Window

Completed NAT Exempt Window

AnyConnect Client Deployment

Summary Window

Verifying AnyConnect Connection

AnyConnect Connection Profiles Page

Verifying the Client-Based Configuration

Install the AnyConnect Client

Security Certificate Windoe

Logon Window

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Window

Manual Installation Window

Run Installer Window

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Setup Window

End-User Agreement Window

User Account Control Security Window

Ready to Install AnyConnect Client

Installing the AnyConnect Client

Complete Cisco AnyConnect VPN Installation

Start the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Cisco

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Window

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Connect Window

Certificate Security Warning Window

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Authentication Window

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Icon in System Tray

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Status

Verifying Connectivity to Internal Network

Viewing the Generated CLI Config

AnyConnect SSL VPN Configuration settings:

  • NAT
  • WebVPN
  • Group policy
  • Tunnel group

Section 10.3: Summary

Chapter Objectives:

  • Implement an ASA firewall configuration.
  • Configure remote-access VPNs on an ASA.

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