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CCNA 3 Ver 6.0 – OSPF Practice Skills Assessment

OSPF Practice Skills Assessment – Packet Tracer CCNA Routing and Switching – Scaling Networks Network Diagram: Diagram uses slightly different naming convention (Hostnames and vlan names) , same topology) A few things to keep in mind while completing this activity: 1. Do not use the browser Back button or close …

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CCNA 3 Scaling Networks Ver 6.0 – ITN Chapter 8 Exam Answers


Which address best summarizes the IPv6 addresses 2001:DB8:ACAD::/48, 2001:DB8:9001::/48, and 2001:DB8:8752::/49? 2001:DB8:8000::/34* 2001:DB8:8000::/36 2001:DB8:8000::/47 2001:DB8:8000::/48 What is a characteristic of manual route summarization? requires high bandwidth utilization for the routing updates reduces total number of routes in routing tables* cannot include supernet routes has to be configured globally on the …

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